“Business is my sport. People are my passion”

Meet Mike Thackrey

So many of us start a business with little or no idea what we are getting into. I know I did! But I figured some things out along the way and I love to share with people just like you.

From 2007 to 2018 I grew a landscape company to over 100 employees and $5 million in revenue. In 2018 I bought an IT company, applied what I learned about growing a business, and we’ve doubled in size in the first 2 years! The OpenMike community is a place for me to share with you what I’ve learned over the past 15 years and are currently implementing in my company today. I will share my successes and failures. I will share the tools and resources that I use. And…you will get access to my vast network of friends and business owners who are willing to do the same.

Success in business is not easy. But it is very possible for regular people just like me and you. I am living proof! Many of us don’t have college degrees and we are not rocket scientist. We are self-educated, hardworking men and women that get it done day in and day out.

My resume before I started

  • Dropped out of junior college
  • Started with $3,000 (all our savings)
  • Cut grass in the summers as a kid
  • Not afraid of hard work
  • Willing to try…pretty much anything
  • Relentless, consistent effort

The magic formula:
(there isn’t one)…

But there are certain principles that can be applied to pretty much every business that lead to success. OpenMike.com is a way for me to share what I’ve learned with you!

Since I began my entrepreneurial journey, I have learned to be a man of action. I would plan a little, act, fail, learn quickly, plan a little, act again. I would rinse and repeat, over and over until success showed itself. Failure became my friend.  All I had to do was survive it and learn quickly.

I learned to be resourceful and seek out mentors and read all the good business books I could find. But there is nothing like talking to people who are in the trenches as well as people who have successfully come out of them. This is exactly what OpenMike is about. We’ve built a growing community of entrepreneurs and a platform that would’ve added so much value to me 10+ years ago. OpenMike is built for you!

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